Why renting real estate is more effective without an agent?

According to the National Association Of Realtors statistics, first-time buyers make up 34 percent of all home buyers. It means, that for most home buyers, the purchase of real estate is probably the largest purchase in their life. If we make a deep look on it, we’ll see, that buying a home is not just a desire to have own one, but is connected to changing of job, family situation, the need of living in the specific area or other personal needs or circumstances. That’s why buying a property directly from a seller seems to be more favorable emotionally. However, only eight percent of recent home sales were For Sale By Owner sales. Seventy-four percent of FSBO sales were by married couples that have a median household income of $103,100. Adding to this, such sellers set price less than other prices on the market. Another piece of statistics:


  • Landlords sell more quickly than agents. 58% homes sold in less than two weeks with no agencies.
  • 68% of successful sellers were very satisfied with the process of selling their home.


Every real estate transaction requires a number of documents to be signed. It always takes additional time for a tenant to fill out forms then send all the papers to an agent, who will, in turn, send it to a landlord. It goes without saying, that there may appear significant mistakes, that lead the whole process to go back to the start.


Almost all renting procedures are accompanied by the Terms and Conditions, either it is Sole Selling, Sole Agency or Joint Sole Agency. Collecting papers is not enjoyable, but is necessary to close the deal. Now, you don’t need to resort to the real estate agency help as you are provided with a digital solution. Don’t send all the documents twice, but merge them into one.

See how to merge pdf documents online:

  1. Go to the website and upload your documents by clicking “Choose Files” button or by dragging and dropping files.
  2. Click “Merge Now”.
  3. After a couple of seconds get your files merged. Download the newly created PDF or continue editing.

The platform provides you with an encrypted files transfer. In addition, all processed files will be deleted from the server in 24 hours.


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