Florida Three-day Notice to Tenant

In case, you don’t pay for the rent in time, or in case you cause different inconveniences, you may receive an eviction notice informing you about the demand to leave the premises. Luckily for you, your landlord has to notify you about such a decision three days before the termination of the lease. So, you will have some time to rectify your mistakes.

If you are a lessor, you have to fill out a Florida Three-day Notice to Tenant. It can be done electronically to save your time and nerves. You may put a digital signature and right after that forward the file to the counter party.

Go to the website providing templates and click the ‘Start Now’ button. This way you will open an electronic sheet divided into lines and boxes to fill out with appropriate details. Start typing the information according to the field labels and questions.

Read below what kind of data is necessary to fill in the three-day Florida notice to tenant blank form.

1. Provide the name of the lessee.

2. Enter the basic details about the property. Indicate the address, date of agreement and so on.

3. Describe the reason of the notice.

4. Enter your name, address and phone number.

5. Put the date.

6. Add a signature by typing, drawing or uploading.

Forward the document to the recipient. Remember that the three-day term begins when the notice is delivered to the addressee.

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